Internet Performance maintains a state-of-the-art data center managed by trained service technicians 24x7x365. It was natural for us to host the websites that we designed and developed, and for the convenience and trust we gained, clients feel safe and request this service from us. We’ve gladly accommodated and have been offering hosting services since 2000.

Benefits of Hosting with Internet Performance

We host a maximum of 250 clients per shared server, making it easy for each account to share resources. Most hosting companies make a profit by volume, adding as many as 1000 hosting accounts per server. This places a huge load on the server (and the host probably purchased the cheapest hardware), so anything that happens to the server, affects your account, as well as every account hosted on the server.

We invest in the best hardware. We know that buying cheap hardware will only result in repairs and replacements in the future. This means unnecessary downtime for you and more expense for us. So, we choose to buy the best possible at the time.

Datacenter Features

We maintain our datacenter in Lansing Michigan in an 11,000 SQFT building, with Tier-1 bandwidth from MCI, AT&T, Savvis and Level3.

  • Redundant connectivity to major telecom companies including AT&T, Cable & Wireless, China Telecom, Level3, MCI WorldCom, Sprint, MFS, PacBell, Qwest Communications, Sprint, Time Warner (AOL), Verizon (GTE) and XO Communications.
  • All servers are backed by redundant UPS systems in addition to being backed by diesel power generators.
  • All servers use a combination of Cisco and Foundry switches all connected via gigE to the core switch.
  • All servers are connected to APC Reboot switches to ensure remote reboot capabilities.
  • All servers are behind a Cisco PIX firewall.
  • All servers contain a main hard drive and a separate, backup hard drive that backs up all critical data each night.

Hosting Features

  • Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Website Traffic Stats
  • Access email account(s) through website
  • Multiple billing options
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • RedHat 7.3
  • Apache 1.3.29
  • PHP 4.3.4